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Embark on a visual journey with The Photonama, where photography transcends mere sight to evoke profound emotions. Meet Mayank Ojha, the face behind the lens, who traded the corporate world for the artistry of capturing life’s essence. Raised amidst the vibrant landscapes of Bihar, Mayank’s early fascination with Yashica, Canon, and Olympus set the stage for a destiny he couldn’t foresee.

At The Photonama, we redefine visual storytelling. Photography, for us, is not a gaze but an emotion. Mayank’s daring leap from marketing to photography birthed a commercial agency like no other. Specializing in product photography, advertising, fashion, pregnancy and beyond, our seasoned team of photographers and creative minds tirelessly craft captivating narratives. In a competitive market, we don’t just capture images; we create an experience. Welcome to The Photonama, where every frame tells a story, and every story is an unforgettable journey.

Where magic is happening My Studio

Welcome to The Photonama Studio, situated at B-403, Suresh Palace, Kasturba Path, Patna, Bihar 800001. This esteemed space is dedicated to the meticulous artistry of manipulating lights and shadows to produce exceptional visual narratives. Whether engaged in the collaborative exploration of creative concepts or actively crafting your professional photo portfolio, our studio provides an ambiance of sophistication and professionalism. We invite you to join us on a journey where artistic vision meets technical precision to capture and immortalize timeless moments.

How does this happen Processing

Here I like to show you photo processing. Sometimes you can not see result without direct comparison. So I’ll show you direct compare photo before and after processing, where I made retouching photo, removed background noise and improve color brightness.

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